Full Moon Electro Folk Desert Music Festival

Full Moon Electro Folk
Desert Music Festival

FEB 5th – 11th, 2020

SANDSCAPE is an Indo-European Collective that reflects time and space of experimentation and celebration across the desert and the surrounding city & villages; through new forms of music, dance & creative visuals. A concept that talks of multimedia ‘Jugalbandi’ between Folk & Electronic Artists, Alternative Urban Music Acts, Regional Folk Acts supported by 3D Visual Mapping, Body Performances & Interactive Arts. SANDSCAPE wishes to offer an immersive and respectful approach to cultural exploration and tourism, with a desire to bridge proximity between local, national and international cultures; proximity between the guests and the artists; proximity with the Thar Desert itself.


FEB 5TH, 2020

Sandscape Summit and The Royal Sundowner

FEB 6TH, 2020

Party at KB Lodge, Projection Mapping at Patwa Haveli

FEB 8TH, 2020

Dune Party at Khuri Desert  

FEB 9TH, 2020

Dune Party at Khuri Desert  

FEB 11TH, 2020

An evening at Jaisalmer Fort- A Tribute to Queen Harish

FEB 4TH - 11TH, 2020

Multi-Disciplinary Art Residency  

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